Having a logo for your brand is, as you probably already know, a key-point to the success of your business. However, it is not sufficient: you still need to figure out what logo to use. For instance, a funeral home will generally be less likely to choose a fun and colorful visual identity. In this article, we will cover seven examples of brands and help you choose the right characteristics for your logo depending on the type of consumers you are targeting, and tell you everything you need to know, from the font to the colors, along with variations when relevant.

Modern brand


The aim of a modern brand is generally to have a visual identity that is as clean and minimalistic as possible. Your logo will therefore need to be limited to 2 colors, preferably one of them being black or white.

If you master the design of logos and color choices well enough, a soft gradient can be a good choice for filling the text or the background. However, as said before, you must keep in mind that the logo needs to stay as simple and minimalistic as possible: gradients with a 3D effect or anything inspiring depth to the viewer is out of question. A well-known brand that excels in the use of modern gradients is Apple, if you need to have a concrete example of what we are talking about, you can take a look at some of their titles:


Keeping in mind this aim of simplicity, the choice of the font will need to be coherent. Therefore, you will most preferably choose a “sans serif” font (sans meaning without) for the text of your logo.

If you still want to use serif for some reason, try to choose a pretty heavy weight for your font, as it is likely to make the logo too classy and break its simplicity. However, if using sans serif, almost any weight can be used, from very thin to extra bold.


As the modern brand’s aim is to have a very simple logo, not many variations can be used, except from a very slight shadow behind the text, being almost invisible.


TextStudio can provide you with the best preset for your modern brand logo, allowing you to get a result as professional and clean as Apple’s famous titles, with the Flat preset, generating a text filled by a soft and simple gradient, having a slight shadow behind it, in front of a white background. Go check it out!

The Flat preset on TextStudio

Classy brand


The modern brand logo allowed a certain freedom around the choice of colors, that is not the same for the classy brand: it is strictly restricted to black and white. Take for examples figures of the luxury industry, like Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana or Chanel,.


If there is small freedom in the choice of colors, the range of fonts you can use is a bit broader. Contrary to the modern brand, the use of serif fonts is preferred, as it gives off an image of sophistication, along with cursive and handwritten text. You can also use sans serif, with care.

Whether you choose a cursive, handwritten, serif or sans serif font, the weight will need to stay as thin as possible, as it reinforces the sophisticated aspect of the logo.


If you choose to use a handwritten font, a good idea would be to have what is called flourishes here and there, on your text, or even around it. Especially for luxury brands, adding a flowery and irregular touch can have a nice render.


On TextStudio, you can find a few presets that correspond perfectly to everything we just explained to you.

If you prefer a handwritten style logo, the I love Paris preset is a perfect and sophisticated choice for everything around fashion or luxury products in general:

The I love Paris preset

However, if you would prefer a logo with a bit more serious look, for a wine brand for example, the Château Baron is your go-to preset.

The Château Baron preset

Fun brand

On a totally different note, a brand that wants to display itself as fun or entertaining needs to orientate its choices towards something more complex and dynamic, in every aspect of the logo. The more original your logo will be, the more noticed and remembered your brand will be, without having to obey the norms imposed by


As opposed to the two previous types of brand, the colors will here need to be varied and bright. No color is excluded and it completely depends on the theme of your brand. You can rely on color symbolism for choosing. A few well-known examples of colors are:

  • Red → love, passion
  • Blue → serenity, wisdom
  • Yellow → joy
  • Green → nature, health
  • Pink → softness

You can also simply choose all of the existing colors with a rainbow-like logo, as it is particularly associated with fun.


As said before, there is way more freedom in designing a fun logo, so any original font is accepted and even recommended. There is no harm in choosing classic fonts like serif or sans serif, but it is at the risk of giving off a blander image if not well-mastered.

Due to the almost total freedom you have over the font and the individuality of the choice, we can only provide you with examples instead of guidelines, that you will find in the Presets part.


Everything in the fun brand logo is about variations, from the font to the colors, and once again, you are free to experiment. Good ideas of variations on the text are ones that suggest movement or dynamism to the viewer:

  • 3D
  • Ondulations
  • Tilted letters
  • Symbols around the text if relevant


TextStudio is plenty of fun and fancy presets for all tastes.

The Cartoon preset brings together everything we mentioned before: 3D, bright and numerous colors, variations on the text’s filling… Check it out!

The Cartoon preset

With its groovy font and its realist 3D aspect, you can also check out the Yes! preset:

The Yes! preset

Last but not least, here is an example of a themed fun logo, the Slime preset, perfect for everything related to horror.

The Slime preset

Kids brand

Nota bene: by the word “kids”, we exclude teenagers and are only including children and babies.


You might have already noticed, brands selling products for babies or young kids usually design their logos with the same kinds of colors: pastel, soft relaxing shades of colors, because of the sweet and innocent aspect of everything related to kids. Paradoxically in some way, you also need to keep the logo colorful (not to be confused with using bright, intense colors).


There is a wide range of appropriate fonts for a kid-oriented brand: a simple sans serif font will do the job, however it would be preferred if the font is directly or indirectly to the infantile field. This includes for instance:

  • Animal-like characters
  • Cursive handwriting
  • Fancy, funny fonts


On a similar note, the variations on your logo can be a good idea from the moment that they remind things related to childhood to the viewer: irregularities or errors in the writing, ink blots, or even toys and animals around the text.


Perfect for brands aiming at infants and babies, TextStudio has a Baby Love preset, written in a cursive handwritten font, reminding the writing exercises in primary school, with a pastel pink text on a cream-colored background. Enjoy making your best kids brand logos with it!

The Baby Love preset

Food brand


The aim of a food brand is to make the audience feel hungry. Bland colors will obviously insinuate that the said food is bland too, so your goal will be to orientate your choice towards a bright and colorful logo. Gradients can also be appropriate depending on the theme.


For this type of brand, the font does not actually matter, and the success of the logo will mainly be based on its colors and variations. However, it can be relevant to choose certain fonts depending on the type of food: some specific examples are using sans serif for solid foods like candy and cursive for liquid foods like honey, as we will see in the Presets part.


When it comes to food, a realist aspect on the logo is relevant and can be achieved by using 3D, gradients or reflections on the text. If the food is visually simple enough, including it as a pattern can also be good.


Realist and detailed logos use TextStudio editor’s full potential, and our gallery is filled with delicious food-themed texts, from donuts to chocolate.

Have a small preview of how many quality logos are available on our website:

The Honey preset
The Donut preset
The Chocolate preset
The Candy Mania preset
The Baba preset

Entertainment brand

Many themes can be put in the category of “Entertainment”, whether it is music, movies or video games. Depending on the exact theme of your brand, design choices can differ. We will talk about this in detail in the next parts.


  • For audio and video, it is better to use only one solid main color and associate it with either black or white, like Netflix and Spotify do.
  • For gaming though, the logo can and has to be fancier, with multiple colors or gradients.

In both cases, the colors need to be bright and intense.


Cursive and serif fonts are generally not an option, except in very specific cases, for instance with neon logos.

However, sans serif fonts are appropriate in any case, as they inspire modernity.

For gaming, you can go fancy once again, and use cartoon or groovy fonts.


Variations will be more relevant for a gaming brand than for audio and video brands, but it does not mean you should overdo them: it is better to stay away from too much irregularity, so possible variations have to stay as simple as possible, as the neon effect for example.


Two of the many TextStudio presets are perfect for entertainment brands:

The Neon Light preset can be perfect for all the mentioned types of brand, as it does not push fanciness too far.

The Neon Light preset

More appropriate for gaming brands, the Space Level preset has a groovy font, a bright blue gradient that sparks joy.

The Space Level preset

Tech brand

Related but not same as digital entertainment, tech brands follow different, simpler standards.


For this kind of brand, you should use dark, basic colors, like dark blue, purple, grey, black, etc.

If you use many colors on your logo, some of them can of course be brighter than others to bring some contrast.


Same as entertainment brands, serif should be excluded, but also groovy or fancy fonts: sans serif would be your go-to font type.


As we said in the beginning of this part, tech brands follow simpler standards, and variations are generally not appropriate.


The Neon Light preset we talked about in the previous part can also be a good fit for a tech brand logo.

However, the Smach preset corresponds to every aspect we just mentioned, with a simple tech-like font colored with dark shades of blue:

The Smach preset


We hope that while reading this article, you found some help and and useful tips to choose or create a logo for your brand, and would be even happier if TextStudio has the perfect text preset for this purpose!